The EXTREME TUFRAM series is the most advanced Blowgun on the market today.

.40 Caliber TUFRAM


.50 Caliber TUFRAM

TUFRAM Series Blowguns

FEATURES: Extreme Teflon based Extrusionized aluminum barrel, With a baked on anodized finish, Plus a hard coat base developed by NASA. The barrel is electrically fused with this special formula and Hard Synergistic plating which is "file hard" or as tough as tempered steel.

12% FASTER- over our other models due to the special TEFLON molecules in this space age coating. Has a permanent lubricity which allows projectiles to glide effortlessly. The barrel is fused inside and out with this space age formula.

HARD AS TEMPERED STEEL! Tufram coating is extremely tough and resists abrasions. File hard or as hard as tempered steel. Developed for Space, Now available on earth, It will never wear out.

Manufactured and Distributed in the U.S.A. by Extreme Blowguns.