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Extreme Blowguns

NASA Developed, Hard as Tempered Steel! 12% Faster, Loaded with 40 Blowgun Hunting Darts.

Warrior Blowguns Fully Loaded with 40 popular blowgun hunting darts and accessories.


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Extreme Blowguns

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   Largest selection of Blowguns and Blowgun accessories on earth!

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Thanks all for making Extreme Blowguns #1

The Last True 100% American Made Blowgun!
Serving You Since 1989
   All Parts Proudly Manufactured & Assembled in the USA  


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Hunting Blowguns

Extreme Blowguns does it again, with their newest release WarHawk. Bolstering 64 of our most popular hunting darts and accessories moved this 40 caliber blowgun a head in its class.

Extreme Blowguns Incorporate Space Technology. The Ultra pro .50 is the most advanced .50 caliber blowgun on the market today! Extrusionized aluminum barrels with a baked on anodized finish. Fully loaded with 60 hunting darts and accessories.

Largest Selection

Worlds Largest selection of Blowguns and accessories. Extreme blowguns available in .40 and .50 caliber. Extreme blowgun accessories. Airsoft Guns and accessories. .40 and .50 caliber Paintball guns and Paintballs.

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