The testimonials below are actual emails we have received from our customers. Their last names have been removed for their protection and privacy. Peoples feedback are so unique and original we have not even corrected the spelling, so there may be and is misspellings but believe it helps with their true expression. We live every day to uphold the quality that we have engraved in our blowgun product line and in serving you. Your happiness brings pure joy to us and confirms our commitment to bring you the best blowgun products possible. We appreciate each and everyone of you, after all we would not be who we are, without you!



Thanks again Bruce for getting a hold of me and for giving me a crash course lesson on blowguns!  I appreciate your devotion to customer service excellence.  Lately, I have been receiving very poor customer service with other organizations, which is why I value your business skills so much.

Thank you for everything!  I know I'm going to enjoy your blowguns and will hopefully give you repeat business and referrals!

THANK YOU BRUCE!  I'm glad we finally touched base.



Chandler AZ



thank youu soo much! you guys really are fast at helping your customers i'll be sure to order more things from your website!

Stone Ridge VA


Thanks your helping me get my address correct.  I also loved the upgraded
shipping and my blowguns arrived this Monday.  It is taken me a while to
write back because I been using them so much.  They are the best in the
world.  I will definitley be buying from you again.

Thank you guys very very much.

Westfield NC


Bruce, Thanks for all the info about these great USA made blowguns! I have not recieved my order yet, but it was only placed yesterday. Looking forward to putting it to use. I will be telling all the friends and relitives. I will be writing again soon when the order arrives. Alaska is a great place to put a exceptional blowgun to use. Type at ya real soon. Ricky Wik




Lake Stevens WA



Thanks guys – We received our blowguns a week ago. They are awesome. The camo ones are the cats pajama’s. All my friends want one now. Expect lots of orders over the next few days. Just placed another order for darts. We are going hunting nest week and we are bringing all the blowguns. We are going to need a ton of darts.

Thanks so much for making such a great blowgun. We never had so much fun.

Westfield NC



Received my order and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered it on Monday eve and it was at my door wed. morning. How do you guys ship so fast? I was blown away by the quality of your 50 caliber blowgun. I had ordered from another online vender and it was a real disappointment. Your blowgun makes their blowgun look like a toy. Everything is more heavy duty with your blowgun, the sling alone is worth $20.00 I would say. The grips are way longer and thicker and the parts really fit tight. What a great value and fast service. I am recommending your site to everyone I know.

 Thanks again,
Perry OH



Target Zone Sports, Your blowguns are sick! I own all 3 caliber blowguns offered on the market and your 50 caliber RULES! I am a serious blowgun hunter and nothing compares to the effeicency of your 50 caliber for hunting. I see you guys have done the math. The pro hunter dart is impressive to say the least.

I have been working with all three caliber blowguns available and I prefer the 50 caliber ultra pro blowgun. It simply works better and does what it is designed to do. Very Happy

Thanks Matt
Blountsville AL



Bruce, here are a few different views of the new cannon that I built, with the parts that I ordered from Target Zone Sports.

NOTE: We do not recommend hooking your blowgun or blowgun parts to any, Hi compression devises of any kind. This could be dangerous and possibly cause death. Mr. Dave is a thrill seeker and pushes math and science to its limits. Because we believe in the freedom of speech, we have allowed Mr. Dave to display his works, However We neither promote or condone his practice but only for educational purpose only.

Once again, I truly appreciate the customer service that I receieved from you.
I'd defintinately order something from your site again and would defintiely recommend it to any associate of mine.

Take care,
Dave Rabbitt



Thanks for a great service! I contacted another blowgun company and was told the only way to receive by Christmas wa to pay an outrageous air shipping charge. I found your site and decided to order from your site instead. Boy was I glad I did. I received the package two days latter and at a really low shipping charge and with a week to spare for christmas. You made my two boy's christmas complete. I would recommend your business to anyone.
Thank you, Lori
Cypress TX 77429


Hope this weekend has treated you well, thus far.
I've been having a blast (literally) with the .40 Cal Blowgun barrels that your company sent me.

With the second barrel, I managed to put together this little "toy" in about 30 minutes.  Most of that time was just loading the paintballs in the extra magazines.

NOTE: We do not recommend hooking your blowgun or blowgun parts to any, Hi compression devises of any kind. This could be dangerous and possibly cause death. Mr. Dave is a thrill seeker and pushes math and science to its limits. Because we believe in the freedom of speech, we have allowed Mr. Dave to display his works, However We neither promote or condone his practice but only for educational purpose only.

Thanks again, for the exceptional customer service. Hope you get a kick out of this as well and that you have a great holiday.

Dave Rabbitt


Awesome! I'm really impressed with you guys and your customer support.

 Thanks again!
Concord NC


Absolutely freakin LOVE my blowgun!!!  Great cheap fun!!! You will definately get more business and some of my friends will be purchasing ones from you…

Thanks a ton!!!
New Haven IN


Dear Bruce,

 Thank you for the call the other day to clarify the mailing address.
I just wanted to let you know that I received the package today and all is well.

 I am impressed with the customer service you have provided and will surely purchase more items from you and also supplies that would enable me to enjoy my purchase.

I am very happy with the services I have received from your company and I am sure you are much more organized then the other places I have tried but failed to received the same quality of service.

Once again, a big thank you
Saipan MP 96950


Hi guys.

On August 20, I found your site and decided to place an order. Three days later I received the package at a low shipping charge considering that was delivered to Puerto Rico. That was really fast. I am very happy with your service.

Thank you a lot!!!!!
Mayaguez PR 00682


Received my order just fine. The new CT .50 caliber barrels are the best yet! They do have have more power due to the better specs. I was surprised as to how rigid they are compared to the old ones and weigh the same too. My favorite color  is the gun metal gray, in which I kept for myself and my son loves the fire red. I hope you guys continue to carry these as they are the best blowgun I have used yet and am sure they will become the new standard in blowguns. What a great deal.

My son sends a special thanks and says hurry with his blue camo, Hahaha..

Customer for life.
Merkel TX 79536


Just wanted to send a word of thanks regarding your blowgun products.

I ordered the .50 caliber blowguns per your advice and am totally amazed quite frankly. I own a auto repair and to make it short we all ordered the four foot long ultrapro blowgun in different colors eight total a few weeks ago.

How do you get this kind of color finish and include all of this for this kind of price? They’re absolutely flawless. If I had your process I’d be rich.

I’m sending over sizes for the leather biker jackets tomorrow. I hope you have all the sizes needed in the jackets and some leather vest. I may take everything you have in stock as I can easily triple my money on this kind of quality for biker leather style.

You’ve made our team #1

Cleveland OH


Hi Bruce,

I received my order and I tell ya, I will definitely re-order from you!  You
amazed my family and I of the fastest service around. Thanks again for your
thoughtfulness of meeting and pleasing a new customer... Plus making the
adjustment on the shipment cost.

Kealakekua HI 96750


Thanks guys for recommending the 50 caliber pro model. It is everything you said and more. After a hands on, definitely only ordering from you now.

Great site and really looking forward to ordering more of your offerings. Will be ordering soon! When it comes to quality blowguns, target zone sports is where it’s at.

Edmond OK 73034


I FINALLY got my new blowgun I had David Paiva make for me.  but let me tell you, it was worth the wait. I haven't shot much at all in months, and I shot a 186 the first round I shot through it the other day. It is a work of art, a beautiful blowgun, and also a very nice competition blowgun. The added weight, balence, plus Bruce "from Target Zone" hand picked me out a perfect, steel blue 50 cal C.T. barrel which makes this blowgun awsome for competitions. I highly recommend anyone that would like something like this done, to use him. He is very professional, friendly, and does wonderful work, and thank you Bruce for the nice barrel. It's slightly a tighter tolerance than my other C.T.; I like it a little more because of that. Here are a few pics of it. I'm part Cherokee Indian, so I had David design it around that.
Thank you David
Dave aka MysticaL









I bought the Ultra-Pro-48 with all the accessories.


First, Target Zone Sports was prompt with the shipment. The items I ordered all arrived in perfect shape.

All the darts are made of the best material. The blowgun is built extremely well and is very durable. After just a few practice shots I’m hitting a three-inch circle at 30 feet.

The dart holders make carrying extra darts very convenient. The carry strap is of high quality material. Since I ordered all the accessories I have the laser sight, the cleaning kit and carry case.  I just ordered another 100 darts and must say I am so impressed with the service I received. Shipment is by express mail!

If you want to purchase a good quality blowgun then do so with Target Zone Sports. You’ll get the best deals, impressive and courteous service.

I am a retired police officer and collect various weapons, some unique in their simplicity. This blowgun will make a fine addition to my collection.

Saint Joseph MI 49085


After ordering my first blowgun from Target Zone, I have nothing but good to say about them. I ordered on Wednesday night and it was waiting at home for me when I got back from a conference Friday night. The packaging was superb, with double boxes and every precaution to ensure the tube didn't get bent. Will post pics soon, love the gun metal gray. Haven't got much of a chance to shoot it yet, but am looking forward to it. Thanks Bruce!

Danville IA 52623


Hi Guys!   I want to say a word about TARGET ZONE, the speed,and service i got from them,is super!!  i,ve bought from others,but TZ  was and is by far the best,to get your blowgun supplies. I,ll shop around no more.

Kevin (RAMBO)
sterling IL 61081


Hi Bruce,

Just wanted to let you know I got the Blow gun really really fast. Best ordering experience ever. I gave it to my Brother Sat. for an early Birthday present and he loved it. Said it was perfectly straight. He looks forward to trying it out, he put all the cones on the darts and put everything in the quivers, he just needs to devise a target area. Then he will be all ready to go.

Just wanted to say thanks again for the great service. I’ll definitely recommend you guys to anyone interested in Blow Guns.


Colorado Springs CO 80918


Received my order today and love it! Thanks a lot. Super fast shipping
and great customer service. I will be telling all my friends and will
be back soon for more darts. Thanks again!

Conway SC 29526

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