.50 Caliber Blowgun Barrel Definitions and Colors:

Following the color selection there is a code after the color. The following is the description of codes CT and PB.

CT = Closer Tolerance

Welcome to the future of .50 caliber sport blowguns. Our CT barrels offer the closest ID ever released.

Closer tolerance means: A more uniformed fit between the barrel and a .50 caliber projectile and in turn provides:

More Power

Higher Speed

Harder Impact

More Efficiency

Better Accuracy

We didnít stop with improved Dimensions. Our CT .50 caliber blowgun barrels are made of a space age aluminum formulae with a T5 hardness that are far superior to the 6061 and 6063 aluminum barrels that our competitors offer.

Material Specs:

Benefits of our space age formulated .50 caliber blowgun barrels are unsurpassed in comparison. The formulae remains more rigid with endless extrusion and remains truer and reinforces straightness in this process and will not deform in the cooling process in comparison.

The formulae has much less magnesium than 6061 and 6063 and thus will improve the anodizing process. It offers a smoother finish, truer colors and a better shine. The end results equal a superior more attractive product.

To enhance a perfect product even further we offer a very selective group of anodized color finishes, such as Gun Metal Grey, Steel Blue, Fire Red, Black, Green Camo, Urban Camo and Blue Camo in a new evolution dimensional color combination patterns.

The end results equal a more rigid, attractive, high performance, sport blowgun barrel.

UPDATE: The new Paintballs have now been downsized and do fit some of our larger CT configuration barrels. They will presently work in the following sizes and colors in a CT Configuration: In 36" length we presently have Gun Metal Grey, Fire Red and Green Camo. In 48" length we have Black, Gun Metal Grey, Fire Red, Green Camo and Blue Camo. We have two sizes in the CT configuration in the above colors listed in this update, so if you want them to fit the paintballs email us upon placing your order, or if we see paintballs ordered with the above colors we will include the appropriate sized barrel.

PB = Paintball

These barrels have an even larger ID then our CT configuration and are the standard .50 caliber blowgun barrel that have been on the market for several years and are made of a T-6061 material. Color and finish, include a black powder coat finish, an anodized green camo and Purple Evolution finish. They are very durable well made product and work very well for the paintballs that are on the market. They will accommodate both .50 caliber paintballs and darts.


We offer a wide array of very selective custom anodized colors that will retain its rare beauty, uniqueness and quality that will be admired for a lifetime.

Custom Anodized Colors: Gun Metal Grey, Steel Blue, Fire Red and electroplated Black.

Custom Anodized Camouflage Patterns: Green Camo, Urban Camo, Blue Camo, Silver Camo and Red Camo dimensional color combination.

RAD (Revolution Anodize Development): Purple Evolution and Green Evolution.

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